Some paintings from the year 12020.

One of the first paintings I did of 12020 was “11:59:59” pictured above. A pair of Zol stand facing each other atop stone mountains. The Zol in the foreground clutches a device in a holster behind its back and waves with its free hand. In the backpack, a cute dog licks the observation window. AnotherContinue reading “Some paintings from the year 12020.”

Mux storefront coming soon!

If you like my art, good news, it’s on a tshirt! I’ve got some shirts printed based on The Hermit, and The Raven Wizard. I’ve also got tons of prints, postcards and stickers. For now, check out what I’ve got at Society6. And check back in a couple of days when I’ll have a brandContinue reading “Mux storefront coming soon!”